Rules of SEO That You Can’t Afford to Break

To create and elevate online exposure, you must use search engine optimization SEO) practices. After all, most users tend to begin with search engines like Google when looking for the information, products, or services they need on the World Wide Web. And by following traditional and franchise SEO tactics like link-building or keyword research, you’ll be able to improve your chances of ranking high on the search results engine page or SERP

However, with so many ranking signals, it’s not hard to make mistakes along the way. It may not sound like a big deal, but some errors like the use of Blackhat techniques can have costly consequences and create irrecoverable setbacks. So whether you’re looking to hire a capable Plano SEO agency if you’re located in the area or planning to keep the job in-house, here are some SEO rules that you must never break

Avoid keyword abuse

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. They’re primarily the way you can give engines an idea of what your website is all about, after all. In the past, businesses and marketers used the same keyword multiple times to make themselves more relevant to the specific phrase or term. But nowadays, keyword stuffing is considered a Blackhat strategy used to manipulate results and therefore is likely to penalize the online domain for it.

When all’s said and done, keyword abuse does nothing but drive down the quality of your content and dilute its ranking signal. Because of this, you must always use your chosen terms and phrases strategically and make sure that it’s naturally inserted into your published material.

Use long-tailed keywords for franchise SEO

Contrary to popular belief, using the most popular and relevant short-tailed keywords is not always a good idea. When you get right down to it, ranking high for search tags that many others are using can be more than a little challenging. Instead, it’s always worth looking for keywords that are similar but unique, like long-tailed keywords, especially if you’re trying to create more awareness for your franchise business.

Most consumers tend to use specific keywords when searching online. By catering to this habit, you’ll be able to guide them to your business much more effectively than you otherwise would have and turn them into conversions. 

Publish unique content

Another excellent SEO technique is the creation of unique content. Ensuring that the material you publish online is well-written and valuable is just as essential as the strategy that it’s designed for. In other words, the more generic the content is the fewer the users who are likely to read it. And because not too many people are engaging with the content, it’ll lack the ranking signals that Google needs to elevate its position in the search results. 

Quality may be essential to any content that you generate. However, you must give your target audience something they may not have seen before. In doing so, you’ll be able to attract more users and keep them engaged.

Steer clear of low-quality links

Link-building is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is creating authority and credibility for a brand and its website. However, you must focus on quality instead of quality when it comes to this process. Authoritative sites are just as likely to boost your reputation as low-quality links are to drive it down. So always be sure to choose which links to build upon carefully.


As your marketing campaign expands, even the most minor details will have an impact. As such, you must pay attention to the rules laid out above and make sure that you don’t break them. That is why some work with an SEO company to make sure their goals are attainable and that they are on track. In this way, you’ll give yourself more opportunities to raise the rankings and find your target customers.

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